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What are Topics for 2022/2023?

Practice Problem 1:   E-Waste                     Due Oct. 21st     

Practice Problem 2:   Digital Realities         Due Dec. 9th

Qualifying Problem:  Robotic Workforce    Due Feb. 17th            

When are Scenarios due?

Optional Draft Submission Due:  Dec. 11th

Competitive Submission Due March 17th

The absolute deadline is midnight Pacific Standard Time on the date indicated.

When and where is State Bowl being held this year?

March 31 (7pm opening ceremony) thru April 2nd (closing ceremony starts @) 

The Neuva School

131 E 28th Ave. 

San Mateo, CA 94403

When and where is the International Conference being held?

June 7-11

University of Massachusetts Amherst

When are Community Problem Solving Project Portfolios due?

Jan. 2, 2023 (Registration/Payment due Jan. 31st 2023.)


When will the CmPS Interview take place?

All interviews need to be scheduled prior to March 30th.

Please contact Sandy ( to schedule. 

How much does it cost to register?

Global Issues Problem Solving Basic $250.

Global Issues Problem Solving Premium $500.

Global Issues Problem Solving Individual $100.

Community Problem Solving Team   $300.

Community Problem Solving Individual $150.

Scenario Writing Basic $50.

Scenario Writing Premium (additional mid-stream feedback) $60.

Scenario Performance $50.

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