What are Topics for 2021/2022?

Practice Problem 1:   Water Supply      Due October 22nd

Practice Problem 2:   Building Green   Due December 17th

Qualifying Problem:  Insects                 Due February 11th

When are Scenarios due?


Optional Draft Submission Due:  November 19th

Final Scenario Submission Due: January 21st

The absolute deadline is midnight Pacific Standard Time on the date indicated.

When and where is State Bowl being held this year?

April 8-10th

St. Anne School, Laguna Niguel, CA (Or online - depending on current CA Safety Guidelines.)

When and where is the International Conference being held?

June 9-12

University of Massachusetts - Amherst

What is year-long scenario writing?

The year-long option allows for  two submissions. 

The first submission (due November 19th) is noncompetitive and provides written feedback to guide improvement of the story. The

second (due January 21st) is the final competitive entry.

When are Community Problem Solving project reports/portfolio due?

March 10, 1022.


When will the CmPS Interview take place?


Zoom interviews will be scheduled by April 1st, 2022.

How much does it cost to register?

Global Issues Problem Solving Basic $200.

Global Issues Problem Solving Premium $400.

Global Issues Problem Solving Individual $85.

Community Problem Solving Team   $200.

Community Problem Solving Individual $85.

Scenario Writing Basic   $40.

Scenario Writing Premium   $50.

Scenario Performance   $40.