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Competitions have been shown to have great impact on content retention, critical thinking skills and creativity — yet relatively few schools take advantage of these programs.


Due to it’s competition themed structure as well as real-world scenarios & challenge-based problem solving, FPS participants are given the opportunity to think for themselves, and by doing so, learn more rapidly and efficiently with a focus on their future and the future of society.


FPS develops invaluable skills often missing from standard curriculum - boosting the confidence and morale of its participants by challenging them to give their best and realize their full potential.


The Many Benefits of FPS


  • Builds critical thinking and problem solving skills.

  • Provides flexible, cross-disciplinary curriculum activities.

  • Strengthens evaluation and decision making capabilities.

  • Develops research and information gathering techniques.

  • Encourages communication & collaboration amidst teamwork.

  • Develops cross-division/category implication assessment skills.

  • Aids in developing the attributes of leadership and social responsibility.

  • Models effective processes that can be used throughout the lives of participants.

  • Develops a lateral outlook on real-world situations at local, regional and global scales.


For a comprehensive overview of the program please visit:

Teachers - Learn more about our programs here.           Students - Is FPS right for you? Click here to take the self assessment. 

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