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Looking for ways to participate that don’t involve your hard earned cash?


Our Board of Directors and volunteers are primarily made up of Parents and Coaches, most of whom were FPS participants or have kids currently in the program, and have been involved for years if not decades.


Join us in expanding the program to give the gift of academic competition to even more kids in California!


Become a Coach

FPS is primarily led by teachers as part of their school day or as an extracurricular activity,

but that’s not the only way to start a team!

Parents and higher level students (grade 9 and above), can also train to as Coaches.

To discuss becoming a Coach, upcoming Coaches training, or to request coaching materials,

please contact our Co-Affiliate Director Ariella Leeder.

Become an Evaluator

Coaches, administrators, parents and even students can become evaluators. We offer free trainings, and mentoring to support evaluators as they learn the process.


All potential evaluators must be familiar with the program. Students may certify in 9th grade and begin evaluating in 10th grade.


Evaluations for PP1 start at the end of October.

Evaluations for PP2 start mid December.

Evaluations for the Qualifying Problem start mid February.


Check the current calendar for specific dates. [link to calendar page]


To discuss becoming an Evaluator, please contact our Co-Affiliate Director Sandy Mocharnuk.

Are you Board Material?

We elect a new Board every year in June. If you have previous Board or other applicable experience as a Treasurer or Secretary please get in touch with us.


We also need ongoing support for Fundraising, and Marketing.

To discuss your interest in joining the board or other ways you can lend your support and expertise,

please contact Erwin Hosono.

Sponsor the 2018 State Bowl

On April 21, 350 students will converge on Design 39  in San Diego for the 34th Annual California Future Problem Solvers State Bowl.

We’re looking for sponsors to offset costs and add to the overall experience for participating students.


Food & Beverage

Grab & go breakfast for approx. 200

Pizza or sandwiches/salads/snacks for approx. 300


Co-branded Sponsorships & Offsite Activities

Attendee bags and on-site branding are available as well as customized off-site experiences.



This year’s venue is being sponsored by Design 39 but we’re happy to discuss onsite branding opportunities.

If you’re interesting in hosting State Bowl 2019 we’d love to discuss our capacity and other needs. 

To discuss any of the above opportunities, please email

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