2021/2022 Submission Deadlines

Absolute deadline: midnight Pacific Standard Time on the date indicated. All dates are for receipt of work via fpsonline.org.

Practice Problem 1

Topic: Water Supply

Registration Payment Due by January 31, 2022

Due/Uploaded via fpsonline.org: October 22, 2021

Evaluation Feedback Released November 9, 2021

Practice Problem 2

Topic: Building Green

Registration Payment Due by January 31, 2022 

Due/Uploaded via fpsonline.org: December 17, 2021

Evaluation Feedback Released December 31, 2020

Qualifying Problem

Topic: Insects

Available 2 weeks prior to due date.

Registration Payment Due by January 31, 2022

Due/Uploaded via fpsonline.org: February 11, 2022

​Evaluation Feedback Released February 27, 2022

Scenario Writing

Last Day to Register: December 31, 2021

Registration Payment Due by January 31, 2022

Optional Draft Submission Due:  November 19, 2021

Final Scenario Submission Due: January 21, 2022

Scenario Performance

No Qualifying Round

Register/Pay by January 31, 2022 

Submissions Due: March 25, 2022

Community Problem Solving

Register/Pay by January 31, 2021

Project Proposal Due: Jan. 2, 2022

CmPS Projects (report and portfolio) Due: March 20,2022

Interviews will be scheduled via Zoom by April 1, 2022

CALIFORNIA STATE BOWL - (In Person or Online) April 8-10, 2022

If all goes in our favor, we will hold an in-person State Bowl at St. Anne School in Laguna Niguel, we will comply with all California recommendations regarding COVID-19 safety.

Topic: Mining

Register/Pay by (tbd), 2022

Individual Booklets Due: March 18, 2022

Team Registration DUE: April (tbd), 2022


The international office will continue to monitor for CODIV-19 and will share updates in the event we are notified of any changes. 

Location: University of Massachusetts (UMass) - Amherst

Topic: TBA March 2022