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Future Problem Solvers (FPS) takes you beyond traditional subject learning and allows you to

grapple with some of the important issues we face today.


By developing the skills necessary to succeed in the 21st Century; teamwork, research, creative thinking and problem-solving —

FPS will help prepare you to meet the challenges and opportunities of today’s changing world.


The basis of Future Problem Solving (FPS) is the six-step problem solving process:


  1. Identify Challenges - Generate challenges or issues related to global research, Future Scenes, or a specific need area.

  2. Select an Underlying Problem - Identify the key issue to be resolved.

  3. Produce Solution Ideas - Brainstorm solutions to solve the underlying problem.

  4. Generate & Select Criteria  - Develop criteria to evaluate the merit of the best solution ideas.

  5. Apply Criteria - Evaluate each potential solutions using your selected criteria and assign a ranking order.

  6. Develop an Action Plan - based on the highest scoring idea, develop an Action Plan explaining how the solution will be deployed and how it solves the underlying problem.


To hear what some of our Alumni have to say about the program please visit:


Competition/Qualifying Round

During the timed 2-hour competition round, teams or individuals analyze the Future Scene related to the Qualifying Topic and, utilizing the the six-step process, complete the Qualifying Booklet. They must be very time conscious, pacing themselves through the steps in order to complete them all within the allotted time. No research materials or notes are permitted during Qualifying.  


Example: 2017 International Conference Senior Future Scene and Team booklet

Download the FPS self-assessment quiz:
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